Working for Wobage

Back in the Summer of 2007, we did a spot of work for pottery course providers Workshops at Wobage, automating their booking form and trying to wrangle their html to improve search engine rankings for their key search phrases. The work was pretty successful, with fully booked courses and a brief spot at Number One (on Google for “Summer Pottery Courses” – they’ve slipped to number 5 in the meantime, but we hope to address that soon).

So, when Wobage came to update their site for the 2008 ceramics course syllabus, they got back in touch. We suggested that, rather than having to pay a web designer every time they need to update the site, we could redesign the site from scratch and build a user-friendly Content Management System at the same time.

We’re currently finalising colour schemes and page layout, and hope to relaunch a standards-based, accessible, user and search engine friendly site in the coming months.

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