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Partnership Brokers Association - home pageThe Partnership Brokers Association (PBA) is the international professional body for those managing and developing collaboration processes in the field of international development. We became involved in a design capacity whilst the Association formed a part of the International Business Leaders Forum, providing print and design services.

PBA works with partners across the world to provide training and support in the field of partnership brokering, so their website forms an essential part of their marketing and communication strategy. PBA also have an extensive and active membership – people who have completed the Partnership Brokers Training course – who are able to access a member area on the website to promote what they do in their area, exchange information and access member-only materials.

As with many of our clients, PBA’s services change over time, so the website needs to adapt to suit. Since launch we’ve added:

  • – Member-only area including the facility for members to create a profile and add their details to a dynamic map.
  • – Responsive stylesheets to enable the site to adapt to fit a range of devices – laptops, tablet computers, smartphones etc.
  • – The creation of an online magazine within the existing PBA site (the Betwixt and Between Journal), with its own distinctive branding, fonts and colour scheme and mailing list.

Brokering Section

Partnership Brokers Association - Brokering Section

Betwixt & Between Online Magazine

Partnership Brokers Association - Betwixt & Between Online Magazine

The site adapts to fit on a tablet or mobile phone

Partnership Brokers Association - Brokering Section